Will do all the fun things!!

Picaro means “naughty boy”, or “impish” in Spanish.
As a father of three kinds, I want them to be always impish, and spend their life filled with joy and laughter. And the same goes for me too, wishing to work joyfully. I also wish all people involved to be happy and excited. Instead of thinking “I will have business with well-thought or well-organized business model”, I’ve set up the company with the concept to “will do all fun things!


  • Consulting and supporting oversea brands starting business into Japan EC platform (mainly in Amazon Japan)
  • Consulting and supporting JP brands starting business in oversea (mainly into Amazon US and Chinese EC platforms)
  • Consulting and Supporting JP domestic brands in driving EC business on Amazon, Rakuten, yahoo and so on
  •  Web advertisement/promotion service in Japan   (Google, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon and so on)
  • Translation Service incl. SEO and Native Check (Japanese, English, Chinese, and so on)
  • Offering HP creation service
  • Offering 3D VR shooting service

About Us

Name | Picaro Inc.

Address | Kugenumakaigan1-12-18, Fujisawa Kanagawa, Japan 251-0037
Founder | Hidenori SHIMODAIRA
Launched | Jul 2018
Capital | 9,990,000 JPY

CEO Profile

  • Jul 2018Picaro Inc,/Founder & CEO
    Launched own compnay
  • Oct 2017-Jun 2018NetEase Kaola/Country Manager of Japan/Senior Director of China HQ
    “- Led establishment of Japan locale branch
    – GMS of Japanese products in 2017 was 2,000 Bil JPY (2Bil USD) and YoY +145% in 2018
    – Designed whole long and mid range plan
    – Planed strategy to acquire new Japanese brands and settled strategic agreement
    – Successfully introduced over 500 JP brands to merchandising division in CN.”
  • Jul 2015-Sep 2017Amazon Japan/Sports & Outdoor, Manager
    – Managed a team of 12 (2 Managers of Vendor Managers, 6 Vendor Managers and 4 Brand Specialists)
    – Led a negotiation project team composed of Manager of Vendor Managers from 5 categories as the leader, and planned the midterm business strategy (affecting about 40 vendor managers within these 5 categories). The strategy was agreed to by the SVP of international retail
    – Succeeded in launching and forming a new marketing consulting service (Brand Consulting Service) with advance preparation and acquired contracts from 10 manufactures
    – Negotiated with top manufactures as a leader of vendor management, and succeeded in having direct sourcing contracts, resulting in a great improvement in revenue and profitability
  • Aug 2007-Aug 2017Amazon Japan/Consumer Electronics, Manager
    – Led 10 people in 5 different categories and organized a negotiation strategy of top cross category manufactures and succeeded in making a contract with some of them for yearly advertising with 3 out of 5 categories becoming financially positive
    – Planed and launched a year-end campaign as the leader of about 50 vendor managers in multiple categories, and gained large amount of fund from about more than 100 manufacturers.
    – Successfully launched the PC department with 10 colleagues in Japan and 2 supporting colleagues in the US and UK with strategy and plan to become profitable and succeeded in creating a profitable as planned
    – Succeeded in framing a new marketing consulting service and acquired contracts from more than 10 manufactures
  • Feb 2006-Jul 2007Reboot Inc/CEO
    – Created a service provider company for cell phones and PCs, with the key service being a cell phone website that would use GPS data to help customers find available seats in nearby restaurants
    – Negotiated with banks and other companies to have business partnership. Succeeded in having partnerships with kakaku.com, R25 and L25 (some of the most famous web services at the time)
    – Established the concept of separate PC and cell phone web pages, and developed the database with developers
  • Apr 2002-Jun 2006Sony Marketing Japan
    – Negotiated with off-line retail partners to create Sony direct sales spaces inside stores and successfully launched 5 stores, achieved sales target in the first month in each stores
    – Led sales team as the leader of both SONY Direct store and call center, established team operations / work flow
    – Proposed and realized changing of products manufacturing process from built-to-order to in-stock and started selling them online, achieving revenue target
    – Led replacing and merging the call center into SONY Direct Store in Tokyo to have deeper relationships with customers to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve level of service